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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. My name is Claire and I decided to setup Find A Tradesman for two reasons:

First Reason

I am a member of several Facebook Groups specifically for the area where I live, lots of people in there ask for recommendations from other members, for local tradesmen. All these members were local residents and wanted work done around their home. Anything from painting and decorating, kitchen fitting and electrical work to plumbing. ​

People like to use local tradesmen and also trades people that come highly recommended. By asking others within these Facebook Groups, they knew they were getting trades people that are reliable and professional, word of mouth recommendations are great not only for the tradesmen themselves, but also for people looking to have the work done because when they come recommended you know they are up to the job.​

Second Reason

My husband is a tradesman, he is a Kitchen Fitter and has just started his own business, https://jwkitchenfitting.co.uk (his website if you want to take a look 🙂). Being a sole trader, it is important to him that his work comes from recommendations as he recognises that word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get, it doesn’t come much better than that, plus he wants to stick with offering his services to local residents, not only does this make it easier for him, he is also then able to keep costs down for the customer. However, being a fairly new startup business and a sole trader, he is trying to keep costs to a minimum and running local advertising campaigns can be quite costly!​ Having a Facebook group full of local residents wanting work done makes it easier for him to find work, without the need to spend fortunes on advertising. Same for other local trades.

Need Work Doing Around Your Home? Find The Ideal Tradesman!




So I Thought ......

Why not start a Facebook Group, specifically for an area where local residents and local tradesmen can join. This website and Facebook Group act as the middle man if you like, connecting local residents with local tradesmen.

People are then able to quickly find professional tradesmen for any works they have around their home.​

So there are two sections to Find A Tradesman.​

First section is the website you are on at the minute. This acts as on online directory for local trades. Currently as this is a fairly new setup, the area it caters for is Spalding, Lincolnshire. Other areas will be included and the website expanded on over time. On the navigation bar above, you will see a link to Search For A Tradesman, this will take you to another page where you can select the trade you are looking for from various categories. Each category, i.e electrician, plumber etc. has a maximum of 10 tradesmen who offer that service. You will find their contact details, their website and Facebook Page, and a brief description about the services they offer. You can then contact 1, 2 or all 10 of them if you wish, to discuss any works you want doing.​
The second section to Find A Tradesman is our Facebook Group. Within our group you can post the job you are wanting done and Tradesman will get in touch with you to discuss it further but also, you can post in the group and ask for recommendations. Other members can then recommend professionals they have used. If you decide to go with any of the trades you got in contact with, from Find A Tradesman, you can leave a review within the Facebook group about the Tradesman’s quality of work, reliability and value for money, or in our directory, this not only helps out other residents looking for similar work, it will also help the trades person as well, with that all important review and word of mouth advertising.​

But The Group Doesn't Stop There ......

On the navigation bar above you will notice, Ask A Tradesman. If you are looking for advice, maybe you are not quite ready to start the work and you have a few questions first. Ask your question in the group and one of the trades people will answer you.​

I am very much a fan of “Be Vocal, Shop Local”. I always use local services wherever possible.​

I hope you enjoy the site and the Private Facebook Group, please take the time to have a look around and once joined our Facebook Group, come and say hi!, it would be good to hear from you.​

Remember though, when selecting any kind of tradesman, always do your due diligence, ask for recommendations, ask for references and make sure they are up to the task.​

Speak soon
Claire Washington

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